We are industry leaders in biomedical research with over 27,000 square feet of state-of-the-art office, lab and vivarium space in the hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We believe that science is bigger than any individual; our legacy will be what we achieve together. We believe that each member of our team is critical to our success; we respect each other’s work. We believe that making mistakes is inevitable. Learning from them is what makes us Compass.


We are currently seeking entrepreneurial scientists for our postdoc program.

Postdocs selected for our competitive program will receive a grant to continue their Compass Therapeutics project in an appropriate academic setting. We are one of the first biopharma companies to offer this type of grant. It will provide exposure and training in an industry setting then provide a path back to academia if an individual desires.

Our postdoc program has a two-year duration with the possibility to extend for an additional year based on the company’s evaluation of your progress and mutual interest. Postdocs receive a competitive salary commensurate with industry practice. As full-time employees, postdocs will be eligible to enjoy all of the company’s competitive benefits.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their CV and cover letter. Selected applicants will be invited to visit Compass Therapeutics where they will give a seminar on their research and meet with an interview team comprised of staff scientists and directors working within one of the research focus areas.