The Compass approach

At Compass, we take an unbiased approach to drug discovery by leveraging our proprietary antibody discovery engine to broadly drug the immune system and identify optimal combinations empirically. Through our StitchMabs™ and common light chain platforms, these combinatorial insights can be rapidly translated into tailored bispecifics with monoclonal-like manufacturability.

To date, we have drugged over 40 immune targets and generated a diverse pipeline of monoclonal and multispecific therapeutic candidates with potential to transform care for patients with cancer or autoimmune diseases.

We are targeting the immune synapse with a new generation of antibody therapeutics

James Boylan

CEO, Enavate Sciences

Ellen V. Chiniara, JD

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Kymera Therapeutics

Philip Ferneau, MBA, JD

Managing Partner, Borealis Ventures

Mary Ann Gray, PhD

President, Gray Strategic Advisors, LLC

Carl Gordon, PhD, CFA

Founding Member, Managing Partner, and Co-Head of Global Private Equity, OrbiMed Advisors LLC

Richard S. Lindahl, M.B.A

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Emergent BioSolutions

Thomas J. Schuetz, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Compass Therapeutics