Our platform combines proprietary, state-of-the-art antibody discovery and development technologies. We ensure unbiased generation of sets of hits representing the broadest epitopic diversity for every target through our multifaceted proprietary platform. We then leverage this diversity to conduct in-depth biological interrogation of selected targets.

Our platform allows us to advance programs from idea generation to preclinical candidates in an integrated, facile manner utilizing our internal, proprietary systems, processes and technologies.   

Antibody leads can be combined as highly manufacturable bi- and multi-specifics, utilizing a diverse set of formats to tailor valency, orientation, and other properties to the biology of each therapeutic application.


StitchMabs is a proprietary high-throughput multispecific antibody screening platform.

We have discovered a technology that allows us to covalently link two or more monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, or other biologics into a variety of customized bi- and multi-specific formats in a matter of minutes. For example, we designed multi-specific antibodies that target and enhance activation of Natural Killer (NK) cells while simultaneously targeting tumor cells.


Sympleitope connects our drug candidate functionality with antibody design; it is our proprietary approach to epitope screening and selection.

We believe that epitope diversity is critical and that antibodies targeting different epitopes may “turn on” or “turn off” different immunological function. Accordingly, we developed proprietary in vitro systems to interrogate the pharmacological and biological attributes of antibodies binding to distinct epitopes. We can  generate both agonist and antagonist antibodies for both activating and inhibitory targets. Our first drug candidates are already demonstrating these differentiating insights.

Targeted Immunomodulation™

Tumor targeted monoclonal antibodies generally require high target expression on the cancer cell, therefore, many tumor targets with intermediate expression have not been successfully drugged to date. Checkpoint modulators have been successful treating certain cancers but the response is limited in most patients and there can be unacceptable systemic activation of the immune system. Our integrated protein engineering platform enables combinations of tumor recognition with in situ activation of immune effector cells in the tumor microenvironment. Targeted immunomodulation represent a new class of therapeutics and leverages the specificity of tumor recognition with the power of immune activation in a single drug.